Main Ayeshagul | Episode 12

Turkish title: İlişki Durumu: Karışık

English title: Relationship Status: Complicated

Urdu title: Main Ayeshagul

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Can leaves Aysegul alone. She waits for him until the cafe closes. Aysegul takes a cab home. As she doesn’t have enough cash, she gives her locket as the cab fare.

Can drops Elif home. Later, Murat comes there to talk to her but she tries to kiss him. He stops her so she tries to kill herself.

The next morning, Aysegul shows tantrums because Can abandoned her. She goes to Efe’s house but they are visiting Can. Efe and Ece have no shame, so they barge into Can’s room and try his stuff.

Aysegul comes back, trashes them for crossing the boundaries and kicks them out. But she’s still upset with Can. Can helps her rescue Minak and they are friends again. They both look happy, a very subtle indication that they care for each other can’t be completely free if the other one is upset.

Aysegul and Can decide to go for a movie but Can gets a call from Elif that she’s in the hospital. Our lovestruck man goes crazy and rushee to the hospital.

Shabana Mukhtar