Main Ayeshagul | Episode 39

Turkish title: İlişki Durumu: Karışık

English title: Relationship Status: Complicated

Urdu title: Main Ayeshagul

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Let’s get started with review of episode 39.

Murat is now picking an engagement ring for Aysegul. Then, he calls her home and makes dinner for her. Wow, things are really moving.

Can is still in his “I won’t let you go to him” mode. He arrives at Efe’s house in disguise (what else is new, *yawn*).

What’s he doing there?

He steals all of Aysegul’s stuff but gets caught before he could escape. By the neighbours, I mean. When Aysegul finds out, she yells at him for stealing her stuff and he invites her over for dinner.

Wait, what? Two men cooking dinner for her. What a lucky girl she is!

That’s not all. He has hired a guitarist and singer for a romantic date. Even though she is touched by the big gestures, she doesn’t get swayed. You go girl!

Aysegul is crying and shouting at Can and she gets divorce paper signed by Can, because that’s what she wants.

At the same time, Elif is trying to poison Murat’s mind. Good, do it.

Murat is trying to contact Aysegul, which makes Can upset. Can signs the papers which makes Aysegul upset. Murat doesn’t let Elif in, which makes Elif upset. This episode is just crazy.

So, Can has signed the papers, Aysegul is crying her eyes out and Murat is desperately trying to reach to Aysegul. What else could go wrong?

Wait, Elif, that’s what would go wrong. She falls from the stairs and falls unconcious. Sahi, just what she deserves.

The security man comes to Murat’s house, “your guest is unconcious.”

Murat is a thorough gentleman and takes good care of Elif. Elif is just as confused as Can and she begins to be all doe-eyed around Murat. AGAIN? You ask. *sigh*

Is Aysegul happy that Can has signed the papers? No. The woman secretly hoped that he’d refuse to sign. Girl, even I cannot understand what you want and I am a woman. How would, Can, a man, decipher your cryptics wants and desires?

He cannot, so he does what a man can do best-rash drive and crash at Hassan’s boat. Hassan tries to knock some sense in his head, Can continues to act like a baby.

You don’t need contract to love, you dumbo!

That scene when he pretends to leave but Hassan stops him, is small but endearing. There is a reason I ship Aysegul and Can, and not Murat. Can is cute and funny, Murat is not.


How much does Aysegul cry? Agreed, she looks pretty even when crying, but there should be a limit, no?

Too much drama. I have begun to get annoyed now. But I have 25 more episodes to watch. Again, I ask, why do I begin a Turkish series?

Shabana Mukhtar