Main Ayeshagul | Episode 64


Mediha is participating in a game show to win her self-respect back. And despite her lack of preparation, her past memories of Aysegul helps her recall every answer. Would she realize Aysegul’s importance?

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Murat is now blackmailing Elif so she will help him get rid of Can.

Can is visibly uncomfortable at Elif’s house, especially with her parents around. Elif gets a text from Murat and insists on seeing Issu.

Ismat the granny is still being pain in the a** as a strict babysitter. Enraged, Aysegul fires her. Elif and Can and Murat visit Aysegul. Murat pretends to be surprised and proposes to Aysegul in front of Elif and Can.

Will she accept? Let’s find out.

Shabana Mukhtar