Sabaat | Episode 18


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat (episode 18). It aired on August 9, 2020.

Fareed family is readying for Meeral’s wedding. Fareed asks Meeral to invite Hassan and Anaya but Meeral doesn’t listen. Later, Fareed and Azna argue and Fareed threatens to divorce her. Damn!

Hassan is so desperate that he accepts a job at call center. He is losing his mind. His male ego is hurt. But I think Anaya should let him work because an empty mind is devil’s workshop. Call center job is not bad. No job is bad, unless it involves illegal, unethical shit.

Atif meets Hassan and like a loyal puppy he reports this to Meeral. She promises that if Atif helps her get rid of Anaya, she will give him a high profile role in her company.

Haaris and his friends joke that Haris is marrying Meeral only for her riches. Meeral takes it on face value and gets mad at Haris, on her wedding day. This girl is crazy.

Hassan gets a job at Yasir’s firm, Hassan doesn’t want to join but he has no other option.

Meeral begins to force Haris into her mould and Haris, being a good Samaritan, tolerates it but I don’t think he will last long with her stupid arrogance and tantrums.

I like that scene when Meeral gives invitation card to Atif and then tells him: you shouldn’t come. That expression on Atif’s face is priceless.

Until next week, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar