Main Ayeshagul | Episode 63


This episode again begins with Mediha’s annoying track. Mediha and Maryam fight again. Maryam calls her illiterate. And Mediha is hurt, HURT. Ismail prepares Mediha for a revenge.

Can comes to see Issu and asks for a schedule – so Issu can stay with Can as well.

Handan has a new project and therefore has arranged for a nanny Ismat, a very efficient nanny, annoyingly efficient nanny. She picks mistakes in everything that Can or Aysegul do. She leaves without changing baby’s diaper.

Murat officially proposes to Aysegul. Perfect proposal. Whatta gentleman he is! But Can constantly texts her and ruins their date.

Murat calls Elif and used his trump card. “I know you’re not pregnant and I will keep your secret safe if you help me keep Can away from Aysegul.”

Wow! To think I shipped him with Aysegul. Ctrl Z, undo, revert.

Shabana Mukhtar