Main Ayeshagul | Episode 62


Can yells at Aysegul for not informing him. Elif interferes and shows her the wedding certificate.

Damn! Aysegul is heartbroken, Can is guilty, Elif is smirking. The best expression, however, is Murat’s. Murat is hurt that Elif has succeeded in her wicked plans. Will Elif now snatch Issu from Aysegul? She’s evil. I won’t be surprised if she does.

The newlyweds are on the way. Back home, Maryam and Mediha are arguing over wedding arrangements. Mediha’s drama is so dragging and boring.

Aysegul and Murat enjoy a simple meal and look after Issu. Issu throws up on Murat and Aysegul gives him a red women’s top. So cute, so funny. I now ship Aysegul with Murat.

Aysegul is so beautiful, so graceful, so talented and so adorable. The best heroine on screen.

Shabana Mukhtar