Main Ayeshagul | Episode 61


Neyazi begins to blackmail Mediha for fake pregnancy favour.

Aysegul is anxiously waiting for the inspection folks. Can doesn’t arrive and Murat is there for as always. He has never promised her anything but he truly helps her out EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am confused again. Can and Aysegul are good together but Murat cares about Aysegul so much more. Whenever Aysegul needs Can, he’s busy with Elif. In Can’s defense, he doesn’t know about the inspection because Elif deleted her message.

Right, now, the inspection. But before that, Handan, the very manager who fought with Aysegul, comes to tell about a prospect job of writing a novel. Since Handan’s assistant gave her sleeping pill instead of vitamins, Handan sleeps on the couch. Wow!

For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

Can is upset with the extravagant wedding planned by Mediha so he tells Elif to do a court marriage instead. And they do.

Can weds Elif. I don’t wike it.

The inspection goes well. Murat even lies so that they don’t get suspicious about Can. I love this man.

But wait. Handan wakes up. Can comes with Elif. Things go out of proportion and the inspectors leave fuming about the chaos.

On a parting note, I love all the imagination scene – their retro old looks are so fab. Love it every time they do that.

Shabana Mukhtar