Main Ayeshagul | Episode 60


Now that Elif’s parents are coming for dinner, Aysegul returns to her house. The plumbers have fixed the broken faucet. The house is a mess. We see a cleaning montage while the title track plays.

But it ends on a sad note and Aysegul asks Can to leave.

For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

Neyazi, the fake doctor is also seeking a part-time job as a waiter. Guess who’s the host? Mediha!
The guests arrives and Neyazi hides under the dining table. Poor man! The torture he goes through for Mediha. I think he likes her. The situation gets crazy soon as Mediha introduces Neyazi as Elif’s doctor.
Aysegul receives a call from foster care folks who want an inspection to check if her house has “family atmosphere” suitable for the baby. Her cake recipe is so wrong and so funny.
I feel that there are two writers are involved in this series. One who writes funny scenes and one who writes crazy unrealistic unfunny twists.
So long!

Shabana Mukhtar