Dilruba | Episode 19

Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak!!! At least that was what I had planned when I created this draft.

Here’s the deal. I draft an empty copy of all drama episodes on my laptop with all the tags and categories. It is super annoying to do that on phone with that tiny screen and tiny controls that my tired fingers can’t get to work.

Enough about me. So, on Eid’s occasion, the episode did not air. The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 19, aired on August 8, 2020) is here. Let’s review.

This episode begins as Arslan rants his anger on Sanam, and how she behaved with Jameel.

Don’t keep any connection with her.

Iram misses her younger sister and calls her but Sanam doesn’t have time for her family now. She’s busy with Farhad now. Roaming around, accepting gifts and whatnot. Khurram’s friend Sunny offers to work in Khurram’s factory and Khurram will get his profit. Something is fishy and even Khurram’s patron uncle Sauud advises against it. More trouble coming Khurram’s way.


Ghazala and Junaid’s mother Shahnaz run into each other at the wedding. Shahnaz threatens that she will tell everyone what Sanam did to Junaid. It worries Ghazala even as Arslan gets hitched to Sehrish. Her solution is to be a kattar saas for Sehrish. Tch! Not good, Ghazala!

Ayan is sick. Sanam fires her granny and rehires miss Maria, the woman who worked only for a day.

The episode ends as Farhad proposes to Sanam and Sehrish throws tantrums as she could not visit her mother’s house.


Shabana Mukhtar