Main Ayeshagul | Episode 66


Madiha’s dance partner is… No prizes for guessing, Neyazi. Neyazi is an expert in tango. Will Madiha be able to save her face. Can and Elif are also practicing for the gala.

Bahar-e-Gul, the new babysitter is terrific with Issu. It calms down Handan and she kicks out the boys – Can and Murat so Aysegul can work on the novel. I like this new nanny. Something very warm and fuzzy about her. Oh, and she’s a spy, for Can.

Handan also tells Aysegul that she must attend a charity event and dance to Tango. What? Who will she dance with? Murat, of course. But he backs out at last minute.

The dance they prepared isn’t Tango, by the way.

The funniest part is that woman Nabahat who Ismail is dating. She’s very uptight and very self-praising.

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Shabana Mukhtar