Main Ayeshagul | Episode 67

Aysegul is wearing a red dress as usual, her go-to colour for all important occasions. She looks gorgeous in it, by the way, always.


Neyazi has stage phobia and their performance is laughable. Mediha ends up on the floor injuring her back.

Nabahat is also an officer from foster care ministry, a very stiff one at that, as one would expect her by now. Is she inspecting or checking out the house for a robbery?

Murat is stuck in traffic, Aysegul is sent on stage and the music plays. Can cannot tolerate Aysegul going through the humiliation so he joins her, enraging his wife and in-laws. Murat reaches a minute later, sees Can dancing with Aysegul, which in turn enrages him.  Four angry people…

The four of them fight in the basement whereas Bahar-e-Gul struggles to deal with Nabahat. She calls Aysegul and the five head to Aysegul’s house.  Nabahat isn’t happy with the inspection results and a bad report is ready. But thankfully Ismail is also with them so things are sorted. It has a side effect, that Nabahat cannot date Ismail, not right away. Awnnn! I feel bad for Ismail. On a side note, was it necessary to give every character a romance track? Don’t we have enough subplots already>

Aysegul accepts Murat’s proposal, finally!

Shabana Mukhtar