Main Ayeshagul | Episode 68


Aysegul constantly remembers Can and his earlier gestures every time Murat does something for her. Weird, huh?

Everybody is at the hospital – Elif for her check-up, Mediha for her back injury, Aysegul for Issu’s vaccination. After a crazy turn of events, Mediha fears that Aysegul has heard her conversation with Neyazi. Mediha hackles Aysegul, she falls down and her memory resets to two days before her wedding with Can. Oh.My.God. For her betterment, they should pretend that Can is about to marry her. Wow! How would Elif feel about it?

Murat wants to show Aysegul the apartment he has chosen. And Aysegul’s words confuse and enrage him like anything. I feel for you, bro. You’re played far too many times.

Shabana Mukhtar