Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 101

Murat forbids Hayat from coming to Sarte and Tuval needs to find another assistant for winter collection.

Hayat confronts Derya and Murat sees them go neck to neck. He gives Hayat 24 hours to explain herself or he will leave her.

Derya threatens orya to hire goons to hurt Hayat.

Emre overhears that Kerem needs money but that doesn’t lead anywhere.

Derya brings Doruk’s old friend to assist him. Asli gets upset to see them close. Asli’s heart break, Hayat’s deadline and Ipek’s own predicaments, will it ever end? And where the hell is hashmet?

Emine and Fadik are making loads of sweaters for Hayat’s unborn nonexistent baby.

Shabana Mukhtar