Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 102

DNA reports have come. Murat is not a Sirselmaz.

Hayat is pissed and comes to talk to Emre.. Murat sees Hayat and follows. She finds emre’s gun and holds it to her head.
Now Emre doesn’t want that, right? But the gun is not loaded. Emre gives up on Hayat. He cannot come in true love. Bhai waah!
Hayat is overwhelmed and gets unconscious. Murat still cares about her and not about the truth.

Now, Emine finds that Hayat is not pregnant. More trouble coming Cemil’s way.

Kerems friend blames that Kerem has stolen from him. Hayat is about to tell Murat everything but kerem calls him for help.

Emre calls Hayat to meet one last time and Murat returns to get his wallet and spots emre’s car and Hayat walking towards him. Dayam!

Murat follows them. Emre has transferred his shares to Hayat. Emre’s car’s breaks have failed. The only way to stop the car is to collide the cars.

Murat, Hayat screams and the episode ends.

Shabana Mukhtar

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