Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 109

Nearing the end of this seemingly endless drama…

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Hayat is worried about raising her newfound brother. Hayat is also on an eating spree. Doruk is high and asks Murat to come to Sarte. Tuval and Cemil are already there enjoying kebabs.

Doruk is hurt by Derya’s selfish and greedy motives and breaks down. What will happen when he finds out he’s not who he thinks he is, that’s he is not a Sirselmaz?

Murat has plans to go to Anqara on the valentine’s day. He has a surprise planned for Hayat.

Ipek and other women are amazed by the chemistry between Cemil and Asli, even Tuval thinks there is something between them.

Shabana Mukhtar