Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 110

Doruk admits that he was with Diljeet. Heartbroken, Asli proposes to Cemil. Cemil is torn between love (Tuval) and responsibility (Ipek). But he chooses Asli.

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Hayat is ready to meet Murat for the special surprise but Derya pushes her down the stairs. Derya and Doruk make a quick escape because Derya doesn’t want Murat to know what she has done to Hayat.

Azime gets Hashmet’s letter who has promised to return.

The surprise is really beautiful. The theater is decorated and the best moments of the couple are displayed on the screen, along with the new brand name – Hyt.

Cut to five years later. They have five year old twins. Hayat and Murat are still just as young and beautiful, more beautiful really. Asli and Doruk are together, Cemil and Tuval aren’t around. What happened to Derya and Azime and Hashmet is not explained. So many episodes, so much drama and twists and yet no closure.

What a waste! The only good part is that I got to see probably the best on screen pair burak and hande. Okay, second best. Deepika and Ranbir top the list any day.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar