Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 20

The episode begins on another forced comic scene when Tuval mistakes “upar hai” to “dead” for Hayat. I don’t much care for comedy because it isn’t nicely written. the romance bit is fabulous, though.

Tuval asks Hayat to tell EVERYTHING that’s between Murat and her.

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Doruk tells Murat that Didem is really pregnant but it isn’t Murat’s baby. How doe they conclude that from the pregnancy test? Don’t ask! Derya blows things out of proportion.

After meeting Didem, Murat talks to Tuval. He looks great in that white shirt. I like how Tuval and Murat’s friendship is depicted.

Didem refuses to abort the child but we know Murat cannot abandon his responsibility.

This episode is unnecessarily laden with flashbacks as hayat tries to recall the events of “the night”.


Shabana Mukhtar