Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 21

Azime is totally against Didem and she also reminds Derya that she has married necat under similar circumstances. Savage grandma!

Ipek is slowly falling for kerem but she still pretends to be angry.

Hayat tries to find Murat and visits every place that they had been to together. Then, this happens.


And, then, this.

Didem arrives then and announces his pregnancy and marriage. Murat is so pissed. He tells her: I am only marrying your as a father and we can divorce any time. Wow! Hayat collapses on the road appropriately when Asli is around.

Hande is very pretty and looks beautiful when she cries but she isn’t a good actor, not when she has to look upset. But hey, she’s pretty.

Shabana Mukhtar