Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 24

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Murat and Hayat were working late, right? Cut to a club where Murat, Doruk, Tuval and Hayat are having a good time.

Tuval tells Murat that he’s committing a mistake. He dismisses the topic, of course. The end up dancing together as the title track plays in a slow tempo. We can see that Murat is hurting.


Tuval conveniently leaves them back. The lovebirds head for soup and tea and by the time Hayat brings tea, Murat falls asleep, just like a little kid. Next morning, Murat thanks Hayat for being there for him. She replied: “I did thata because I love… my job.” Burn!

Hayat cries her eyes morning Murat’s engagement. Suddenly she gets up, readies and heads to meet Murat.

Didem’s family is just as crazy as her. His father had married twice and both her mothers are friends. Aisa kabhi nahin hota.

Sometimes, I feel the subplots are way too crazy. But I want to see more of #HayMur so I will go watch the next episode. Stay tuned!

Shabana Mukhtar