Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 8

Let’s review Bolum 8 of this fabulous rom-com. I have broken it down as per Urdu episodes. If you’ve watched Urdu dubbed Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan, that is. 

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Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 21

Murat is so pissed. He tells her: I am only marrying your as a father and we can divorce any time. Wow! Hayat collapses on the road appropriately when Asli is around.

Hande is very pretty and looks beautiful when she cries but she isn’t a good actor, not when she has to look upset. But hey, she’s pretty.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 22

The girls are bashing Murat because of Murat’s. Tuval is severely upset after Didem’s announcement that she’s engaged to Murat.

Murat is upset too and drinks to his sorrows with Kerem. He later informs his family about his decision to marry Didem. “Talk to Didem’s family, no media, keep it small.” these are some of the instructions Murat gives to his family.

Emine and Fadik tell Ipek about the match they’ve found for Hayat. Ipek rants and suggests that they leave Istanbul and settle in the village. If it was that easy, huh.

Hayat is pretty confident when she arrives at Sarte but Tuval sees through the fake smile. She avenges Didem on Hayat’s behalf. Whatta friend!

Ipek tells Kerem about asli’s prospect groom, Asli tells him that it’s for Hayat. Will Murat find about this? Not yet because Hayat is supposedly Suna, right?

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 23

Murat’s family is so effing upset with Didem’s dysfunctional family. I cannot even.

Murat has to cover the backlog and Cagla isn’t in so Hayat offers to stay back. Awnnn!

The power supply is disconnected at office and they find a young boy. He’s the watchman’s son, his mother is dead. Murat has an instant connect with the young boy because #relatable. They play together, the montage is fast paced and loud and gives them fleeting moments of closeness. Hayat realizes Murat’s pain of being raised without a mother. Whatta chemistry!

But who will meet the prospect groom? Ipek, that’s who?


Doesn’t she look lovely? She flirts with the man generously. And groom’s father flirts with Fadik. If that wasn’t enough, Kerem and Doruk barge in to “ruin” the scene. Bhai waah!

All’s well that ends well, the boy likes Fadik. What?

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 24

Murat and Hayat were working late, right? Cut to a club where Murat, Doruk, Tuval and Hayat are having a good time.

Tuval tells Murat that he’s committing a mistake. He dismisses the topic, of course. The end up dancing together as the title track plays in a slow tempo. We can see that Murat is hurting.


Tuval conveniently leaves them back. The lovebirds head for soup and tea and by the time Hayat brings tea, Murat falls asleep, just like a little kid. Next morning, Murat thanks Hayat for being there for him. She replied: “I did that because I love… my job.” Burn!

Didem’s family is just as crazy as her. His father had married twice and both her mothers are friends. Aisa kabhi nahin hota.

Hayat cries her eyes morning Murat’s engagement. Suddenly she gets up, readies and heads to meet Murat.

Ipek and Asli cannot let Hayat leave alone. So they ask Kerem to drive her. Murat is so upset that he recalls everything about that night – the night he Hayat with spent. He isn’t alone, now, is he? Hayat tells him that she knows he loves her. Murat agrees but also says that it’s over. OVER!!!

Sometimes, I feel the subplots are way too crazy. But I want to see more of #HayMur so I will go watch the next episode. Stay tuned!

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