Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 4

Necat gives Murat and Doruk six months and whoever performs better will become the head. Derya is very curious about the deal with Arabs and Murat is being extra secretive about it, making Derya more anxious.

Murat isn’t just a good businessman but also a very good cook. And his looks are to die for. No wonder Hayat is all wide-eyed when she’s around him. So, Didem comes unannounced, irking him further by ordering him to fire Hayat. Bad move, chal bhag, Murat says.

Ipek and Hayat have to meet Suna and Asli is tasked to deal Emine. Emine traps Asli and she spills the beans but the elder women don’t trust her. Funny, that! Ipek blackmails Suna to convince her.

Kerem and Ipek stop at the same petrol pump. Kerem falls in love, love at first sight. This scene seems forced and isn’t funny. Murat and Hayat have their own scene. This scene is truly funny because it has Murat in it.

Azime makes a Facebook account. Reason? Finding match for her grandsons. Later, Murat and Doruk discuss why Hayat isn’t as confident as she should be.

Can’t wait for next episode.

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Shabana Mukhtar