Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 55

Murat is still picking Hayat up. And he says I love you more than before but I cannot forgive you. How does that work?

Hashmet’s blood pressure has shot. And Asli is worried about her while he’s wondering why Murat forgiven Hayat. Very legit question, grandpa!

When Murat drop Hayat home, Hashmet threatens him to kill him of he ever brings Hayat late.

Azime tries to tell Murat that he should forgive Hayat but he has his reason not to. Azime comes back to that wooden box (I told you she has more secrets). This has something to do with Murat’s mother. Wonder what that is.  She dumps the letters in the dustbin and one hand picks or up. Wonder who that is. Derya? I suppose.

Hashmet sees Murat picking up Hayat despite warnings so he arrives at Sarte, to enquire what sort of a boss is Murat.

Murat brings Hayat home to introduce to his family but Derya begins to speak venomous words. Murat is in full savage mode this time and his witty response quiets Derya. But, he takes away the heirloom ring from Hayat. Apparantly, after her lie, she  isn’t worthy of the heirloom. Why are you marrying her then? Rolling eyes.

Azime invites Emine and family for shipping and then dinner.

He buys Hayat another ring; a new, more expensive ring and a very expensive necklace. Showing off your monies, huh? At one point, Hayat snaps that she isn’t ashamed of her modest background. Bravo girl!

Kerem resigns. Derya gives tips to the paparazzi for publishing nuisance about Hayat and her family. Uff!! Will this woman stop at nothing?

Off to next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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