Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 62

Emine is confident that Derya is behind the ugly news about Uzun family. To avenge, she comes to Derya’s place and beats her. Funny scene!

Azime apologizes to Murat but Murat isn’t just stone for Hayat. He is just as mean to Azime as well. I mean, show some flexibility dude. You should be upset with your mother, no?

We see a five minutes long flashback of #HayMur for no reason. Not that we are complaining.

Remember all the blank calls Murat is getting? He also receives a handwritten note and calls back. He also meets the girl. And as one would expect, someone spots them together – Ipek.

The news also results in an argument between Hayat and Doruk. Tuval meddles but then Hashmet arrives with a gun. Oh, damn!

Shabana Mukhtar