Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 9

After a very ‘hot n happening’ date, Murat drops Hayat at suna’s place where Didem is present for the confrontation. Suna quickly tells Hayat a few basics about herself. Didem apologizes for having Hayat fired, she has a whole speech written on her hand. I like how Suna and Hayat bond together against Didem.

Murat comes home to find Doruk in his house. He tells that Necat and Derya are at Kamal’s house. Murat gets suspicious because Hayat had told that Kamal was sick.

Murat is rude with Hayat and Hayat as usual conferences with her friends. She tries to remind him of the “good time” they had but Murat tells her that he remembers nothing.

Didem is at work on time, surprising Tuval. She brings her friend Chang, who flirts openly with Tuval. Didem praises Hayat and Tuval decided to give her a makeover. Don’t we love makeovers? Hande is so pretty and her modelling experience helps her walk like a pro. All the praise gets to someone – not Hayat but Murat. Jal kukda! He gets jealous when Chang is getting too comfy with Hayat.

That’s where the episode ends.

More to come, stay tuned.

Shabana Mukhtar