Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 10

Ipek and kerem run into each other again and fight again. They are annoying, I repeat, again.

Murat scolds Hayat so she goes to his house to clear the misunderstanding about Kamal. Our girl is perseverant.

“I will swim, shower and then eat. Cook for me,” he says.

Instead, she drools over him when he’s swimming. I don’t blame her. He’s delicious. But, when he is finally ready to listen to her, she doesn’t tell him the truth. She tells him that she lied because of Didem.

Murat is upset with Hayat.

“I am a man of principles and don’t like liars,” he says.

Hah! How is this relationship going to work?

Derya asks Cagla to give a file to Murat. Hayat is assisting Doruk in the meeting when Murat interrupts the meeting. The brothers go head-to-head in front of possible clients while Derya watches it on screen and smiles triumphantly.

Hayat calms down Doruk. Despite the fight, Doruk still loves and respects Murat. The brotherly bond is very strong. Azime talks some sense into him. On the other hand, Tuval calms down Murat and offers him to join the shoot to relax. Murat has stomach ache so Hayat feeds him a sandwich and gives him medicines while he drives. Bhai waah!

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Shabana Mukhtar