Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 49



Nazmiye and Malahat still having trouble recovering their monies from neighbors. They run into Nasreen and tease her of marrying Sabri with any random girl they find. What a brilliant idea to get rid of Sabri!

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Muhsin hears about the location of Samet’s car. Ayse and Kerem head to the venue. The car smells awful, has a credit card slip and a lipstick stained tissue paper. Kerem finds more details from the restaurant owner in his own unique way. The man is quite the detective. Ayse rants on and on and on; she reminds me of Nisan from Emergency Pyar.

The investigation leads to a rather secluded and eerie place. They hear a gunshot and begin to think that Samet is captured by some goons. After a funny scene, Kerem learns about Samet’s location. The gunshot was part of a theatre rehearsal.

Anyway, Samet and Volkan are at Gonca’s place. Kerem has some fun at their expense; he clicks pictures, throw water at them and warns them of a scolding from Muhsin.

Good times, but I think this whole “Samet goes missing” scene was unnecessarily stuffed in.

Kerem looks dashing in that shirt. Isn’t he?

Off to watch episode 50.

Shabana Mukhtar