Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 50


Nasreen gives an ultimatum to Qader – bring Sabri home or I will leave. Later that day, Qader takes Sabri home. Nazmiye’s trick has worked after all.

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Despite Kerem’s best behaviour, Muhsin scolds him along with Volkan and Samet while Ayse and Gonca watch on.
Malahat and Nazmiye plan to invite Ayse and her in-laws so they can expand their business. This news irks Helda; she still doesn’t like Ayse. Class-concious woman!

The dinner goes wrong in more ways than one. Malahat and Nazmiye have put on a lot of makeup while Riza remembers how Kerem wore feminine clothes when they met for the first time. It’s quite embarrassing. But Muhsin saves the day by offering to buy it all and gift to his employees. What a wise old man!

I want to see more of Ayse and Kerem.

Shabana Mukhtar