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Before We Begin

Runaway Brides is a 2014 Turkish drama that I stmbled upon in last week of January 2023. This isn’t much of a review but more of a recap and my thoughts on each episode.

Cast & Characters

Açelya Topaloglu as Almilla Peker

The heroine who believes in mystical powers (too much for my liking). She runs away from her wedding to be with her imaginary soulmate Akif.


Deniz Baysal as Kainat Gençer

One of the brides. She is shy and modest and from a humble background. She runs away to be with Ege, to not marry Kasab Kadir.

Selin Sekerci as Sebnem Gürsoy

The rich, confident, almost a snob bride who’s groom ran away. Sebnem told Arda that she isn’t pregnant, and he took off. Sebnem followed him.

Firat Albayram as Özgür Saglam

Almilla’s beau who pretends to be Akif only to date Almilla

Furkan Andic as Selim Inan

Sebnem’s beau. He is Arda’s friend and doesn’t like Sebnem initially. The chemistry is on fire.

Firat Altunmese as Can Öner

Kainat’s beau. He is a photographer who captures the three runaway brides pictures when they first in Istanbul

Tugçe Kiltaç as Izafet

Seniha’s nosy neighbour who spies on the three brides

Atilla Dogukan Türkyilmaz as Memo

The delivery boy who has a crush on Sebnem. He spies on the three brides but also helps them evade the paparazzi etc.


Senay Gürler as Seniha Aksu

Sebnem’s rich, powerful and resourceful aunt.

Ege Aydan as Müfit Akman

The Coffee shop owner who brings beverages on his own choice because he just knows what his customers need. Isn’t that amazing?

He’s also Seniha’s lover boy.

Cihan Yenici as Ege

Kainat’s high school love interest. He is also an actor alongwith Kainat.

Romina Özipekçi as Nermin

Ummm… How do I put this? Ege’s sugarmom (I think that’s a term. I generally hear sugar daddy); she is much older and very dominating.

Ufuk Tosun as Kasap Kadir

Kainat’s first fiance

Sertan Erkaçan as Önder

Merve Çagiran as Günes Gençer

Kainat’s sister

Serenay Aktas as Pinar Yaymaz


Murat Onuk Murat Onuk as Harun Inan


Aydin Sigali Aydin Sigali as Kazim Gençer

Kaynat’s father

Özlem Çakar Yalçinkaya as Aliye Gençer

Kaynat’s mother

Tarik Özenbas Tarik Özenbas as Arda Dinçer


Duygu Sarisin as Hülya


Cem Gürleyen as Ali


Tekin Temel as Tekin Gürsoy


Zeynep Altiner Zeynep Altiner as Rüya



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