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I’m not too thrilled about this, and I have my reasons. But, for now, let’s get to the show.


Original Title: Inadina Ask

English Title: Love Out-Of-Spite

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 32

Broadcast Network: Fox Tv

Broadcast Period: July 2, 2015 – February 3, 2016

Production Company: Sinegraf

Director: Osman Sinav, Yusuf Omer Sinav

Screen Writer: A. Ferda Eryilmaz, Nehir Erdem


Inadina Ask is a romantic comedy of Defne and Yalin who work in the same firm but do not get along with each other very well. Will Defne and Yalin start to fall in love with each other? Will Defne handle all the problems in her first job?

Alright, let get to know the cast and characters. 

Teri Meri Love Story Episode 1 Written Update & Review

Defne is a young and rich girl who has just graduated from a well-known university in Turkey. But, she doesn’t want to work in her family business. Instead, she is about to start working at Arass Technology as a Computer Engineer. On her first day, Defne gets into an argument with her conservative brother about her short dress.

Defne changes her outfit per her brother’s wishes and takes the short dress along. She changes her dress in her and the CEO of Arass Technology a young man catches her in the act. Defne assumes Yalin to be a security guy, and asks her to zip her dress. Yalin does not disclose his identity and plays along.

Since Defne is too late on her first day, she is fired. She asks for a second chance. Danish promises to give Defne the job back if she can find and fix the issues in their software.

And, she does.

Defne solves the problem and proves that she is the best applicant for this position. She might looks like a bimbo but she is also a genius. Just when she’s happy to have her job back, she learns that Yalin is the CEO.

She quits.

Yalin recognizes his fault and follows Defne to apologize. Defne is changing her dress in her car, again, because she couldn’t have done that while she was in the office. Cinar spots Yalin gawking at brother appears and beats up Yalin.

Alright, so that was the summary. And, now, it is time for a long rant.

My biggest grouse is that both Defne and Yasim are advocating for wearing short dresses. I mean… Call me a prude or whatev, but Turkish dramas shows the miniest of the dresses, and with every new drama I watch, the dress length is reducing. But none of those dramas try to justify it. Defne and Yasim, on the other hand, talk about us being in 21st century and being progressive and whatnot. How does wearing a short dress make you independent and progressive, is beyond me.

And that’s not the only thing I have a problem with. Defne and Yasim’s supposedly overprotective brothers Cinar and Yalin respectively don’t like these short dresses. What a surprise! I thought, but it turns out that it is just a plot device to progress the love story between the two couples-Defne and Yalin, Yasim and Cinar. Cinar literally ogles at Yasim’s short dress. Kyu bhai? Yahi hai ghairat?

Now, coming to the biggest issue-Yalin. Where do I begin?

1. He objects on Yasim and Defne wearing short dresses but his own shirt buttons are half undone.

2. While Defne is working on finding/fixing the defect, Yalin sneaks in on her and intrudes her personal space to the extent that POSH (Prevention Of Sexual Harassment) committee should have been alerted. Just because Defne wore a short dress doesn’t mean she invited you to attack her. Such double standards for a leading man, so not done.

But, I’m not abondonding it yet. I have left many dramas like this. This time, I would give it a try, without paying attention to problematic and unrelatable leads.

Let’s begin the episode reviews. I will add more names as the story progresses.

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