Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 11

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Note: the names of Turkish version and Urdu version are used interchangably. Excuse that, please.

Plot Summary & Review

Kerim and his friend Volkan arrive in funky mawali clothes. Raza loses it again but younger brother tries to put a positive spin to every negative comment Kerim makes. Who am I kidding? He is trying to insult Raza and his choices.

Kerim does not want to marry Ayse. Since she has flatly refused to back off from their contract marriage, he has another plan. He wants to irritate Raza so Raza would say no. Hmmm.

Kerim and Volkan meet Raza and in a restaurant. Kerim puts his A game and successfully irks Raza to the point that he will call off the engagement.

But, wait. As they leave, they spot a man behaving rudely with a girl. Both men (Kerim and Raza) beat them to pulp. They do have something in common – they cannot see anyone treating women badly. How nice!

Volkan: he has learned martial arts. where did Raza learn how to fight?

Younger brother: By regularly beating up people


And Kerim’s plans are ruined. Now Raza is a big fan of Kerim.

Back at home, Ayesha and her sister in law and her mother are preparing for the engagement.

Merk, Ayse’s ex boyfriend calls her, and is not happy with Gonca. You cheated on Ayse with that girl. Stick to her.

Anyway, off to next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar