Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 12

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Plot Summary & Review

Kerim realizes that he cannot fight his way out of the impending wedding. But, he has found a perfect way to get out of this shananigan – public display of affection.

The two families go out for wedding shopping. Kerim is in full Kerim mode – charming and flirting.

Even before the shopping begins, Helda insults Ayse and her mother. Ouch!

The shopping spree doesn’t go well, for Ayse. Helda orders Ozkayalis to pay the bills.

Kerim is enjoying his shopping experience and he flirts with Ayse along the way. But, he is also a nice man. So, he partly pays the bills without letting them know. Awnnn, he doesn’t humiliate them by paying in front of them. I like this man.

Muhsin decides to leave the company to Samet and Kerim if he doesn’t resort to his playboy nature in six months.

Let’s see how that turns out.

Shabana Mukhtar