Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 13

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Note: the names of Turkish version and Urdu version are used interchangably. Excuse that, please.

Plot Summary & Review

Kerim and Ayse meet in a cafe. He pretends to do this ONLY to help her. Later, she finds out that the wedding is benefitting him as well.


Now, this is a mutually agreed contract marriage.

Sabri is heartbroken. Customer’s taunts irk him enough to make him want to kill someone.

Berk meets Gonca. He still wants to get back with Ayse. Gonca successfully convinces him otherwise, again. What a manipulative girl!

Hulya calls the press to Ayse’s house, so Kerim gets humiliated and Samet gets the whole business. I stand corrected, Hulya is mean, whereas Nazmiye is just selfish and simple woman.

After an unnecessary and unfunny scene, Kerim and Ayse get engaged.


All’s well…

Not yet.

Sabri arrives threatening to kill himself.


Quickly then, reviewing the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar