Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 14

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Note: the names of Turkish version and Urdu version are used interchangably. Excuse that, please.

Plot Summary & Review

Sabri takes out the knife.


Can he intimidate Riza? Nope.

However, Ayse’s impression is tainted, even though Muhsin understands Riza’s explanation.

But, wait, there is more drama.

Then comes Berk and announces that he and Ayse are an item.

Riza loses it. He hits Sabri, Berk and Erkut. Why Erkut? You may wonder. The man is crazy and has anger issues. He can hit anyone.

Sabri’s mother calls Riza a moron so Nazmiye hits her.

Berk annoys Kerim so he hits Berk.

The fight continues until police arrives. That entire fight scene is hilarious.

Helda tries to convince Muhsin to break this alliance. Kerim lurks around hoping for the best, but Muhsin doesn’t budge.

The real conversation, however, is between Ayse and Riza. The tame Ayse is quite manipulative and lies through her teeth. Riza interprets the facts differently. He thinks that Ayse is choosing Kerim over Sabri and Berk only for a better social status. He calls her liar (which she is), and that he wouldn’t want to see her post marriage.

Muhsin asks Kerim if he wants to get through this. The father-son duo play tennis as both try to put the onus of decision making to the other. Kerim is so handsome. Suited up or casually dressed, he is smashing, always.

Sabri’s little scene is saddening, though. He weeps like a baby. Kadir wants to marry him off to distract him.

Yeah, right.

Off to next episode. Comments?

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