Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 15

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Plot Summary & Review

Kerim and Ayse meet again, this time with Volkan present to aide Kerim. Together, they fabricate a story about Berk, to convince their families about their innocence.

Now, they need a solid fake love story and Volkan also helps them.

Whilst they are busy come with a superfluous cheesy romantic story, Cedah meets Berk. Berk doesn’t talk to her, instead he points her to Gonca. Shit, a army of Ayse haters.

The final version of fake love story is quite impressive. Riza, his customers and Muhsin – all are floored.

The truth is revealed, at least on Ayse. She finds out that the wedding arrangement is just as important for Kerim. Their little fight is adorable.

Off to next episode, ciao.

Shabana Mukhtar