Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 18

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Plot Summary & Review

Gonca comes to see Ayse. Ayse is upset with her but Gonca tells her about Cedah. Despite Gonca’s quite convincing speech, Ayse doesn’t relent. They are wearing similar t-shirts, only differnet colours.

I am a woman, I am bound to notice the costumes. By the way, Ayse’s costumes are generally horrible and flaunt her curves in the most unflattering


Hulya is trying hard to get pregnant. I can’t say the scene is funny, more like cringe worthy.

Super funny scene when Erkut dances to sleep. The baraat arrives and is quite entertaining. I repeat watched it.

Riza and Ayse’s little chat is a bit emotional. And that’s where the episode ends.

More wait until next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar