Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 21

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Plot Summary & Review

The drama continues as Muhsin bashed Kerim and Volkan. and both boys still lie, making one excuse after the other. Muhsin doesn’t buy their bullshit and just as Kerim is about to tell the truth, Ayse makes a surprise appearance.

She claims that the party was for them, so she could know Kerim’s friends. Of course, Muhsin has to relent. He leaves, leaving the young kids to party.

Since Ayse saves his ass, he lets her sleep on the bed while he sleeps on the couch.

The couch looked quite comfortable to me, but he wakes up and complains about cramped neck and muscles. A game of rock-paper-scissors decides that Kerim will get to sleep on the bed that night. How lovely!

Helda isn’t talking much, to show that she’s still upset with Muhsin. The newlyweds arrive hand in hand, all set to play lovey-dovey couple.

There are cockroaches in the kitchen and Helda blames it on the gifts that have come from Ayse’s house. That old woman is just too much.

The episode ends with a fun conversation at Ayse’s house as Malahat keeps on insisting to meet Ayse and Nazmiye and Erkut being Nazmiye and Erkut.

Will Kerim and Ayse be able to resist each other?

Let’s wait and watch.

Shabana Mukhtar