Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 22

Let’s review Tera Mera Pyar Episode 22 and find out what the newlyweds, Kerim and Ayse, are upto.

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Plot Summary & Review

The pesticide team arrives at Kerim’s house and they aren’t allowed to enter the house for 24 hours.

Ayse has a class to attend, so instead of going by bus, Muhsin forces Kerim to drive her to college. Awnnn!

They fight about the loud music, he taunts her about her humble background but eventually succumbs to her drama and turns off the music. +1 for Ayse.

He has to wait for Ayse, so he does what he does best – bird watching. Kerim looks handsome, doesn’t he?


Malahat invites Kerim and Ayse for dinner. Kerim has to relent, courtesy Muhsin’s on-time interference. By the way, Kerim’s job at office is to play games on his mobile.


Three women arrive at Sabri’s furniture shop, but they are clicking Sabri’s pictures. Poor boy! He doesn’t deserve this but I totally understand

Another fun confusion as Kerim is worried about eating vegetables. Riza plans to barbecue chicken so Kerim wouldn’t have to eat Kebabs. I guess he is in for a surprise. Kerim would suddenly become non-vegeterian. I just hope Riza doesn’t lose his temper.

Now, Ayse needs a job until she gets transfered to a university of her choice. Where does she get a job? At Muhsin’s office Muduku, of course.

Helda and Cedah are still plotting against Ayse. God bless Ayse.

The dinner spread is great. When Ayse’s family finds out about pesticides, they insist (read force) them to stay.

Ayse and Kerim in the same room, in the same bed, ahem!

Will Kerim and Ayse be able to resist each other? Let’s wait and watch.

Shabana Mukhtar