Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 210




Volkan and Gonca meet Matee and Yasmeen. They obviously miss the third couple – Ayse and Kerim.

Kerim is so handsome!!!

Half of this episode shows Kerim and Ayse reminiscing their past together. But wait, there is another news. The girl who seeks career advice at the club in previous episode, she and Kerim are captured on camera. His paparazzi I tell you…

The other half of the episode shows something unexpected. Samet is having nightmares so Hulya hires a shrink. Samet wakes up in the middle of the hypnotized sleep and becomes the man he always wanted – strong and assertive. Does that happen? I mean, does this have any explanation in psychology?




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Until next episode, stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar