Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 35


Let’s review Tera Mera Pyar Episode 35.

You can read about the cast and characters here. For previous episodes’ reviews, read here.


Hulya and Samet meet a black magician who acts as though they have been severely affected by magic.
Muhsin gives some money for Erkut. Erkut must be happy about this, I assure.


Kerim and Ayse must fight now, because Cedah is blackmailing them. What do they fight about? Their inability to find a reason to fight.
Ayse and Kerim get stuck in the elevator. Kerim feels bad about the fight. Awnnn! Wait, there are more ‘awnnn’ moments. Ayse is claustrophobic and the scene that follows totally reverses their fight. Cedah is upset and that smile on Volkan’s face, uff! I like Volkan by the way and I ship him with Gonca.
Muhsin suggests that Riza should see a psychiatrist. Riza flatly refuses but I think he will consult one, sooner or later.

Shabana Mukhtar