Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 17

It is time to review the latest episode  of Pyar Ke Sadqay, episode 17, that aired on May 14, 2020.

Shanzey’s wedding has happened and Issa her husband begins to order her around like she’s a slave. Shanzey speaks her mind but that dude is just awfully arrogant. The very next day, she decides to call it off.

Mahjabeen and Abdullah are having their little moments. Mahjabeen is gradually feeling more confident now. I am surprised Sarwar doesn’t have a comeback. Oh wait, he does. He is now brainwashing Abdullah for Shanzey’s poor choice. Would Abdullah still for his shit and think about reconciling with Shanzey?

Of course. He meets Shanzey, who has realized how she has hurt Abdullah in the past. I am really hoping that she doesn’t start taking interest in him.

Washma and Mansoora decide to groom Mahjabeen, without Abdullah’s notice. Abdullah is late and refuses to take Mahjabeen out, thanks to Sarwar’s brainwashing. Washma’s outspoken words sparks another cold war.

Abdullah takes her out nonetheless and guess who’s at the shopping mall? Shanzey. Mahjabeen doesn’t fail to notice their untold chemistry. Shame on both. Both are married.

Abdullah and Shanzey step out of the shop leaving Mahjabeen worried. Shanzey makes fun of Mahjabeen. In turn, Abdullah yells at Mahjabeen for being backward and mannerless. On that grim note, the episode ends.

Yashma Gill’s accent comes as a bit annoying. I don’t understand how Shanzey’s story adds to the while plot.

Anyways, see you later.

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