Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 37


Let’s review Tera Mera Pyar Episode 37. It’s oh-so-romantic.

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Yes, Riza calls Muhsin to take psychiatrist’s number. That man, I feel sorry for him. I could imagine how anger could upset one’s life.

Kerim and Ayse don’t have nothing to do so Ayse makes a plan, because Kerim’s plans are not acceptable to her. Kerim entertains her nakhra far too much, no? Love is in the air!

Things go rather well until… until Kerim checks out a passing girl.

Hafsa calls repeatedly to query about her missing comb. Guess who must have stolen it? But Helda blames that Ayse must have stolen the comb. Ayse flips out at the atrocious blame. The couple finally fights, for real. Mushin is also kicked out. The father-son duo spend the night in the living room.

Shabana Mukhtar