Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 40


Let’s review Tera Mera Pyar Episode 40. It’s a bit boring, to be honest. Ayse and Kerim are adorable but Cedah… KMN!

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The plan is to sneak into Cedah’s house to search for the recording. In all this planning, they are ignoring that Cedah might have several copies of the recording. Just saying…

After two missed attempts, Kerim gets the keys from Cedah’s purse. Ayse and Volkan then head to her home. Ayse gets into Cedah’s house setting off the alarms. Khaya na piya glass tora baara aana.

Cedah gets a call from security guards, Helda gets a call from security firm. Cedah, Kerim, Helda and Mushin arrive as the guards question Volkan and Ayse. Cedah makes up a story. So, she had more plans to torture Ayse. Hmmm!

But no, she has not made a copy and she returns the recording too. Why? We will find out in next episode.

I didn’t like how Cedah was humanized all of a sudden. I mean in one scene she’s plotting and scheming to break Kerim’s marriage with Ayse. In next scene, she’s all emotional and vulnerable that the married couple tried to retrieve the proof.

She snooped around to hide the recorder, they also snooped around to retrieve it. Two wrongs don’t make it right but she shouldn’t have been so dramatic. “I only got jealous to see you happy. I am so exhausted. I would want to go home and lay down a bit. I am sorry I cannot invite y’all.”

What a load of crap! I am not buying into that drama. I will wait to see what’s her next move. Stay with me.

Shabana Mukhtar

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