Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 43



That dude Omer flirts with Ayse even though Ayse clearly tells him to leave her alone. That’s why she wants a ring. Kerim, however, teases her that no man would be interested in her. Later that night, Kerim warns Ayse to not fall in love with him. Ayse flips out.

Sabri doesn’t want to go home and Riza saves him from some beggars. Riza is improving, but Sabri crosses the line so many times, even I want to punch him.

Kerim is listing all the signs that prove that Ayse is in love. Pagal ladka! Helda has helped Ayse with a new wardrobe but Kerim purposely finds fault in her dress, as though that’s going to help. He doesn’t realize that it is him who’s falling for Ayse. That cheeky hero is one of the most adorable leading men I have watched.

I think I need to watch the Turkish episodes now because the translated version is too small and it is uploaded only one episode every week.

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Shabana Mukhtar