Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 7

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Plot Summary & Review

This is truly crazy. Those young goons are ready the tear the place apart. Riza and Erkut are losing their minds.

And, Muhsin and Samet also reach just in time.

Now, Ayse and Kerim know the real shit.

Kerim tells them that Ayse will tell them the truth.

She apologizes to him and then says: we are together, have been together for long time. We love each other and nobody can separate us.

Riza is the best performer. His rage and his dance are to die for.

Samet is nice – a loving and caring brother.

Kerim is upset and rightly so. I like his reaction towards Ayse. As the two protagonists head to their respective houses both come to know that they will have to marry each other. Erkut is the merriest about this decision.

Sabri is still delusional and thinks that Ayse will eventually be his.

Helda and Hulya are worried sick, Kerim is devastated about Mohsin’s decision. Muhsin uses his trump card – leave this house.

How will they get out of this forced marriage? We’ll find out soon.

Shabana Mukhtar


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