Teri Meri Love Story | Episode 14

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Original Title: Inadina Ask

English Title: Love Out-Of-Spite

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 32

Broadcast Network: Fox Tv

Broadcast Period: July 2, 2015 – February 3, 2016

Production Company: Sinegraf

Director: Osman Sinav, Yusuf Omer Sinav

Screen Writer: A. Ferda Eryilmaz, Nehir Erdem


Inadina Ask is a romantic comedy of Defne and Yalin who work in the same firm but do not get along with each other very well. Will Defne and Yalin start to fall in love with each other? Will Defne handle all the problems in her first job?

Alright, let get to know the cast and characters. 

Teri Meri Love Story Episode 14 Written Update & Review

Yalin dropped Defne home. Just before getting down, Defne asked about Yalin’s parents. He suddenly turned cold. Something bothersome about his parents, for sure.


Yalin and Cinar apologized to each other, and now Cinar would have no objection on Defne working with Yalin. Later, when Cinar came to drop Defne, most colleagues still mistook them as a couple. Tch, so terrible.

Dania still tried to be bossy, but Defne didn’t pay much heed.

Ezge ran into Deniz while watching grandfather. Deniz was very protective of his grandfather, so sweet. Deniz and Yalin brought grandfather home.

Later, Yalin went to the office to oversee work. Deniz also came, totally wasted. Deniz was scared of losing his grandfather after losing his parents. Also, he told about the “psychopath angel”.

Even though Deniz was drunk, he noticed that Defne was in love with Yalin.

Defne looked after Deniz, making Yalin think that there is something between them. Dania asked Yalin for a ride and Yalin agreed. This made a scandal in the news.


Cinar sat in his room, thinking about Yesim, watching her pictures. Toprak called Cinar, reminding again to not fall in love. Cinar refuses being in love. Tch, poor man. He was so upset. He went fishing again. Leyla is having a hard time disposing off those fishes, so funny.


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