Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 15

Perfect Groom Episode 15 Written Update and Review

Ilknur has decided to go under the knife (I always wanted to use that expression) to get younger and more beautiful (and cuter if that was possible) because apparently that’s what stands Melike apart from her. It’s Melike’s good heart, good woman, that makes her who she is, but Ilknur wouldn’t know that. Also, I have a feeling Engin and Ilknur will end up together, of Turks aren’t against marrying cousins.

As Mehmet readies to get engaged to Melike, Engin readies to operate on Ilknur.


Melike and Mehmet still don’t see eye to eye as Kazibe and Kibar start putting the arrangements together for the engagement ceremony. I like their chemistry, both Mehmet and Melike’s and Kibar and Kazibe’s. They make a good team in whatever their do. 


Also, in the previous episode, our dear Melike had suggested that Hayati should leave Suna before she finds out about Perihan.


(I forgot to mention Ilknur’s surgery, and i forgot to mention this gem of a suggestion. What’s wrong with me? ) 


Hayati has taken this suggestion to heart, and has finally had the courage to take the plunge, or should I say anti-plunge? He calls Suna to the same location they had started their journey together. And then he says the three words.


I’m divorcing you.


Well done, Hayati. If this relationship wasn’t keeping you happy, and you were cheating on your wife, this is the right thing to do. You did good by both women, finally. Suna and Perihan both deserve a man who can be loyal. 


Cennet forces Tahsin to go house hunting with her (for Melike and herself, these sisters have decided to live together now when Tufan, Kazibe and grandfather goes back to Germany). The first few apartments are just bleh, and Tahsin seems very picky. It reminds me of Ubaid and Hiba from Once Upon a Crush. When they were apartment hunting, I had the same feeling. I had so much fun writing that story. 


I digress. Cennet likes one apartment, and puts her foot down, only to learn that they apartment can be rented only by a married couple. 


Put on some charm and fool the man, that seems the right thing to do, right? That’s exactly what Cennet does. 


Right, so it’s time for the engagement. 


Tahsin and Melike have always shared a platonic relationship, and Tahsin has always stepped in whenever Melike needer any emotional or financial support. This time, he does something without even Melike asking for it. Kazibe has chosen hideous outfits for Mehmet and Melike. And that’s unacceptable.


Tahsin takes Cennet out for shopping to buy a dress for Melike. Cennet, being Cennet likes a dress for herself. She likes it so much that she even hugs the dress. Tahsin clearly disapproves the gaudy golden dress, but he buys the dress nonetheless. I like that he didn’t try to force his choice or opinion on Cennet. Later, when Cennet dons the dress, Tahsin and I both are surprised. That dress looked good on her, much better and classier than it looked on the rack. 


The engagement was quick. Cavan and Tufan are clicking pictures. I’m sure these photos would be delivered to Ilknur and Engin as part of the deal. Let’s see how Suna reacts when she sees Perihan and Hayati together.


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Shabana Mukhtar