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Badshah Begum Episode 22 Recap


Badshah Begum Episode 23 Written Update and Review

Murad is Pure Evil

Zulekha confronts Shahzeb yet again, insisting him to accept Shah Mir . Murad doesn’t look at Zulekha the way he is supposed to look at his bhabhi. Later, he teases Zulekha about the possibility of

Zulekha: Tum aasteen ke saanp ho, kisi ke sagey nahin.

Murad: Darta nahin hoon kisi se.

And just then, Shahzeb comes in. He kicks Murad out, not that Murad gives too hoots about it.


Murad comes back to Shah Alam saying a sorry tale (fake, of course). He has no place to live. Shah Mir doesn’t allow him to stay at the haveli, nor does Jahan Ara, but Shah Alam is like:

Murad is also my off-spring. He should get to stay here.

I love, love, love the chemistry between Gulnar and Shah Mir. Gulnar convinces Shah Mir to let Murad stay for Shah Alam’s sake. Shah Mir, in turn, puts Murad as a khadim for Gulnar. I don’t think that is a good idea. But then, who am to say anything in this drama? Haha?


The Rebel is Kidnapped

Roshi is ready to go to the press conference to expose her family. She is surprised to see Bakhtiyar who has come to pick her up. While Bakhtiyar’s mom is still waiting fo Roshi at the

Bakhtiyar brings Roshi home. Without knowing the truth about this atrocious act, the whole family is mad at Bakhtiyar. The little moment between Bakhtiyar and Jahan Ara is conveniently ignored by everyone.

What’s the Matter?

Roshi goes to her room and runs into Gulnar. The two bicker for a bit before being interrupted by Hakim Bi.

Roshi’s back-talk with Gulnar and Hakim Bi. And then Gulnar yells at Hakim Bi.

“Don’t even think of saying a bad word about Shah Mir,” Gulnar tells Hakim Bi.

Gulnar is fiercely protective and obedient of Shah Mir. I like it.


Jahan Ara and Shah Alam don’t even know why Bakhtiyar did what he did. Shah Mir is still advocates for Bakhtiyar. He chooses to talk to Bakhtiyar while Jahan Ara talks to Roshan Ara.

Roshi is in full-on rebel mode who is determined to irritate everyone, EVERYONE. Komal aces this role.




Great as usual.


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