Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat) | Episode 19

This episode was so so good. 

For one, it was very fast-paced, a lot of things happened. For another, it was so damn funny. Cennet & Tahsin were on fire.

Let’s do a bulleted list, because we all love lists.

  1. Cennet knows that something is wrong with Melike, so she talks to her elder sister. After some nakhra, Melike blurts out everything that Ilknur has said to her. Cennet is concerned, but what can she do? Wait, she can curse Ilknur. We see that both of her curses actually turn into a reality. Ilknur chokes on her coffee, and a strand of hair gets pulled just as Cennet had wished. While it is far from reality, it was so fun to watch.
  2. Melike talks to Mehmet. With a heavy heart, she tells Mehmet to break up. With a casual nod, Mehmet just agrees. Wait… What just happened? Is he trying to put up a bold facade, just to make Melike feel better? Even Melike is shocked at Mehmet’s subdued response.
  3. Cennet being a concerned sister, talks to Tahsin about Melike’s predicament. As she has promised Melike to keep the secret to herself (that Ilknur is blackmailing Melike), she doesn’t tell Tahsin directly, but Tahsin guesses–perfectly, precisely. Is he a genius or what?
  4. As we learn later, Hayati, Perihan and everyone else except the two sisters knew Civan is plotted by Ilknur. So, they are just playing along.

“I will go and pull her hair, Cennet says.

“There will be no hair pulling, at least for now,” Mehmet replies.

Long story short, both sides have come up with a plan to win the game, and we all know which side will win.

Alrighty, just one more episode to go.


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Shabana Mukhtar