Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 27

Badshah Begum Episode 26 Recap

So, Pir Shahzeb has relinquished his claim on the throan, and Pir Shahmir is making schools in the village. Quite progressive, huh?

Badshah Begum Episode 27 Written Update and Review

So, it’s time to mend the bridges between the estranged family members. Jahan Ara invites Shahzeb and Zulekha for a dinner.
Shah Alam is upset that Shahzeb is coming. Even though Shahzeb has given up his claim on the throne in Shahmir’s favour, Shah Alam is just too suspicious of his eldest son. Zulekha’s father, on the other hand, is thrilled. Khalifa Nawaz is happy that he gets to execute his vile plans against the haveli.

Does someone else notice how Zulekha is looking at Pir Shahmir and not at her husband? Girl, you still got hots for this dude? You’re married.

So, long story short, even though Pir Shahmir doesn’t drink the poison, Gulnar loses her child, and Shah Alam thinks that Zulekha and Shahzeb are behind this. The women who was forced to add poison to the juice was killed by Murad. The same woman wasn’t given a place to be buried at the graveyard until Pir Shahmir and Bakhtiyar intervened. Bakhtiyar might get some tips about Murad’s involvement, but what little could he do under these circumstances.

As for Roshan Ara, she keeps leering at Bakhtiyar. It makes my skin crawl. She’s hitting on a man in front of her own brother. Does this girl have no shame? Uff…



I’m so over Badshah Begum. So many things happen in this drama that I can’t wrap my head around it.

Oh, that reminds me. I might as well make the announcement right now.

I won’t be watching any dramas after I finish the ones I’m watching; most of them are nearing the finale. They all make my blood boil and drag unnecessarily.



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