Turkish Drama Review | Perfect Groom (Sahane Damat)| Episode 20

Perfect Groom Episode 20 Written Update and Review


The first ten minutes is just Mehmet and Melike romancing each other. It is cute but gets too much, atleast for me. 


As for the other couple, they are bickering as usual. Their chemistry and their story both amuses me more than Mehmet’s, if you know what I mean. The way Mehmet teases Tahsin calling him a “brother-in-law” was so funny. And I also love how Cennet keeps slapping Tahsin. That girl has so much energy.

Mehmet and Hayati take down Suna and Engin while Tahsin and Cennet take the photos. After some dilly-dallying, Tahsin also confesses his love for Cennet.

And that’s a happily ever after.

This series was short and sweet and funny for most part. It is one of the few Turkish drama that I have watched start to end without abandoning. More rambling to come later.

So long!


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Shabana Mukhtar